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Trager Massage Therapy 

The Trager Approach is a body-movement education practice that helps people reclaim flexibility and energy levels. Trager helps to release long-term tension, but can also prevent everyday discomfort due to its effect on body and mind. Exploring questions as "What could be easier? Softer? Lighter? Freer?" can help us experience comfort and relaxation, and re-educate the neuromuscular system to develop a new, improved pattern of being. You'll love how it can help not only your physical well-being, but your emotional wellness too, to affect long-lasting changes.

Trager Method Massage Services

10-Minute Tension Relief

Arms & Hands

Legs & Feet

Lower Torso: feet, legs, hips, lower back

Upper Torso: hands, arms, shoulders, neck

Facial Tension Release (Aromatherapy included)

Full Body Session

Full Body with Aromatherapy Face Tmt.

-add Face-Steam treatment option

Add Aromatherapy to any Trager service

Chair Massage Session (full back, neck, arms)


$20 (15 min)

$20 (15 min)

$30 (20 min)

$30 (20 min)

$45 (30 min)

$60 (30 min) / $100 (1 hr)

$70 (30 min) / $110 (1 hr)



$20 (10 min)

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Trager by Rose Marie

at Jacqueline's Salon and Spa

Rose Marie Morozowich

Certified Practitioner,

The Trager Approach

US Trager Association