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Inside Out Programs

Payment Plans Available!

Welcome to your Inside Out Journey! 

 We are stronger, healthier, happier women when we learn that we have so many strengths and we are enough just the way we are. Through my winding self-confidence journey, I have learned that sometimes, you just need a little nudge to embrace that uniqueness!

 I have 35+ years of experience, as a business owner and a stylist, empowering thousands of wonderful women to unleash their self-love and banish their inner critic for good. I have designed this Inside Out Program to share my secrets and shine a light for women who are looking for an encouraging and lasting way to transform their self-talk and self-image.

Confidence is such a simple word to describe something so complex. I know that feeling down, unattractive, or unwanted are not easy emotions to navigate. If they were, we would all choose not to have them! My Inside Out Programs are crafted from experts in health, wellness, beauty, fashion, mindset, and more. They are designed with individual attention in mind, to push you when you are feeling stuck and support you when you are feeling low.

 Plus, with my expertise, you get a personal life coach, cheerleader, fashion consultant, and more all rolled into one program!

 If you are ready to commit to feeling and looking like your most authentic self, we have a proven method of success and a team of beauty experts standing by to help. And, we have a tribe of over 400+ women ready to cheer you on!

We have Pricing Programs available for all salon membership packages.

Thinking about a pricing plan? Call us or fill out the form below! (412) 281-2209