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COVID-19 Spa Precautions at Jacqueline's

At Jacqueline’s it is our goal to make sure we are all safe and healthy at the salon, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic. We have taken all the safety measures and procedures possible to ensure you enjoy and relax at our salon. Here is a list of things we will expect from you when you come to visit, and a list of things you should expect from us. Things will look different for all of us. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we get through this time!

Our Requests:

1. If you are feeling sick on the day of your appointment or prior to please call us ASAP to reschedule.

2. Please make sure to be on time for we will be on a special schedule to accommodate everyone.

3. If you have colored your hair at home please let us know & allow extra time for color correction consultation and procedures that may be needed.

Client Check in: 

  • Only guests with an appointment will be allowed access. Must have an appointment, we will not be able to take walk-ins unless we have time to properly check you in.
  • Each guest will be checked in outside our door. We will do a list of safety checks to enter the salon.
  • A temperature check
  • Q&A four questions to ask 

               1-have you had a fever in the last 14 days ?

               2-have you been exposed to anyone with virus in last 14 days ?

               3-have you been in contact with anyone effected by the corona virus in the last 14 days in your home or elsewhere ?

               4-are you experience any symptoms. Fever , chills , shortness of breath , respiratory issues etc that is related to Covid-19?

        *If you answered yes to any of these questions you will need to reschedule exceptions.

  • Then you will sign a waver ...Please bring your own pen if you like.
  • You will need to bring & wear a mask, one that goes around your ears would be best, so we can work on your head for cutting/coloring.
  • You will need to put keys, phone etc away no bags or coats or personal items.
  • If you are in building we ask you not to bring a coat if you are coming from outside of the building you will hang up coat at door.
  • Your stylist will welcome you once you are checked in.
  • You will need to wash hands as soon as you enter the salon.
  • Social Distancing: stay 6 feet away where possible

  • Retail: we will get it for you from the shelf to help with not spreading the virus.​
  • Check out and rescheduling needs to be safe. Use all safety measures at desk area at all times.

  • We will take all safety measures to check you out and get you rescheduled.

We appreciate your continued support throughout this difficult time. We appreciate your support in following our guidelines for the safety of all. We ask that you be patient with our staff. And most of all, we thank you for your support!

We will have some salon care packages available for retail to help get your hair back into shape. Anyone who purchases $35 in retail to help us during this recovery time will receive a $5 gift voucher to use during your next visit.

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