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360 Total Confidence Salon Membership Program

Do you constantly feel "down" or "not good enough"? Do you feel like you've lost some of your spunk? Do you fall into patterns of self-doubt and self-sabotage? 

I can help.

Over 35+ years in the beauty industry, I have helped thousands of women transform their self-confidence.

Let's talk!

What Beauty Inside Out is:

3 Months of community and conversation, tutorials, 1:1 consultations, giveaways, inspiration, a personal cheerleader, and more!

5 Elements to Embrace Confidence in how we create and understand the Wheel of You. Get to know yourself better in every section.

1 you. This program is all about you who have lost your self-confidence. You who take care of others first. I see you. I was you. I am here for you!

I want to start my self-love journey!

Beauty Inside Out is a comprehensive program built on sustainable strategies that will help you feel like your most authentic, beautiful self in everyday personal and professional life!

Join us!

What you'll get:

The 360 Confidence Total Makeover is a 3 Month Program in which you'll experience total transformation, inside and out. This means makeover tutorials, hair/skin care suggestions and color palette wheels, yes, but it also means digging deep and discovering your true purpose.

After all, what good is a makeover if it only changes the surface? 

Using our proven Wheel of Confidence method, over the course of this program you will:

1. Feel more self-love

2. Recognize your strength

3. Have an exciting NEW image

4. Discover (or re-discover!) your essence and purpose

5. Feel beautiful inside and out

We have designed this complete 360 makeover package based on inspiration, wellness, beauty, professional image, meditation, best hair and skin care practices and more!

When you join us, you'll discover the essence of who you really are, get clarity as to why you may fall into certain destructive patterns, and learn strategies to help you look and feel your best. 

What to expect:

Wheel of Confidence Method

We have a proven, simple formula for achieving a 360 Confidence Total Makeover by the end of your 3-month program. Before feeling our best, we need to figure out the things that are holding us back. You might not even realize this, but we use this formula constantly when tackling challenges: Prep, Practice, Take Action, Analyze and Results.

We use a workbook to ensure you are tracking and monitoring your progress. What better way to take time for yourself than to dedicate 5 minutes to writing down how you feel? Not just physically or mentally, but also emotionally and spiritually? Then, with your personal coach, you'll dive into how you feel about yourself and your confidence, and you'll formulate a plan to what actions you can take to change that nagging self-doubt or insecurity.


How we help: 

Jacqueline has spent years behind the salon chair, listening to amazing and strong women say how they feel "just not good enough". Even after these ladies leave with a new up-do or a makeover, Jacqueline wonders how she can help these women navigate the world of confidence.

Hence: the 360 Total Confidence Makeover was born! 

It's all about respecting yourself, developing practical goals, and learning to honor your identity. Jackie will be on the road right beside you cheering you on the whole time!

Tell me: What do you have to lose, and what do you have to gain? 

Schedule a free consultation below:

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